Optimize Images for Web

Image optimization is great way to speed up your website. Even if you use resized images on your site, there are many kilobytes that can be shaved off using advanced image optimizers. There are many useful online services (JPEGmini, Kraken, etc) and website plugins/modules for this task, but here is a quick tip on how to do the same thing with DropIt.

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How to Organize Lots of Files

This is a short tutorial that suggests a way to organize a very large amount of files with DropIt (like files on a old hard disk).

The simple idea is to separate this procedure into two steps, doing a first pre-sorting operation to make a macro selection by format.

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How to Back Up Files

This is a simple tutorial that explain how to back up files with DropIt. It is not a dedicated backup software, but its flexibility allows to use some features as a backup tool.

The two DropIt actions that can be used to back up files and folders are “Copy” and “Compress”. Now will be described a couple of examples about backup uses.

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How to Delete Old Files

This is a simple tutorial that explain how to delete old files with DropIt. You can use one of the 3 supported methods to delete files:

  1. Directly Remove: files are not available in the Recycled Bin, but data are not overwritten and could be restored using a recovery tool
  2. Safely Erase: files are removed and data overwritten, to make them unrecoverable also by recovery tools
  3. Send to Recycle Bin: files are sent to recycle bin and are still available from there

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