Extending Dropbox To Multiple Folders

For the moment Dropbox supports only one folder to sync. With DropIt’s “Monitor Folder” feature there is  workaround to overcome this. Let’s see how!

The Scenario

Suppose we are about to save the settings file (settings.ini) and language files from the Languages subfolder of DropIt to Dropbox. For this we’ll set up a new profile  called “DropIt_backup” and tell DropIt to copy these files to the Dropbox folder in every 3 minutes. This way Dropbox will automatically sync them in every 3 minutes.

Setting Up The Profile

Create a new profile by right-clicking on DropIt and select Profiles -> Customize, then click New, and name it DropIt_backup. Save it, then close the Manage Profiles dialog and activate the new profile (Profiles -> DropIt_backup).

Now from the right-click menu select “Patterns” to bring up the Manage Patterns dialog. Click on “New”, and create a new association called “DropIt settings file”. For the Rules type “*settings.ini”, without the quotes. Set Action to “Copy”, and then browse to your Dropbox folder. In the “Select destination folder” dialog click on “New folder” and type “DropIt backup”, then click OK. Click Save to save the association.

We have to create another association for the language files. Let’s name this new association to “DropIt language files”. Type “*.lng;*.gif”  for the rules. Here we are using a multi-role, so all lng and gif files will be affected. The Action is “Copy” again. The destination path is the same as before, but now we add a backslash and the “%SubDir%” variable at the end of the path. This tells DropIt to recreate the subfolder structure – that is, lng and gif files will be landing in the “Languages” subfolder of “DropIt backup” folder. Save the association and close the Manage Patterns dialog.

Testing The Profile

Now all set and done, let’s do a quick test if all works well. Make sure the “DropIt_backup” profile is activated, than grab your DropIt folder and drag on to DropIt. You should see a progress bar and files should be copied to the Dropbox folder. If language files are missing in the destination directory, check that “Scan also subfolders” is checked in the main settings of DropIt (Options -> Sorting).

Before moving forward,  we have to set “Use automatic choice for duplicates” to “Overwrite” in Options -> Sorting to disable the overwrite prompt on each sync.

Run The Profile Periodically

Go to Options -> Monitoring and check “Temporized scan”. Set the time interval to 180 (to the right), that is, tell DropIt to check monitored folders in every 3 minutes. Then click on “Add”, and in the Monitored Folder dialog browse for your DropIt folder. Select the “DropIt_backup” profile below, than click on Save.

Finishing Touches

To disable the progress bar popping up in every 3 minutes, go to the Customize Profiles dialog (Options -> Profiles), right-click on DropIt_backup profile and select “Options”. Set “Show progress bar during process” to “Disable for this profile”.

We could have done this with only one multi-rule ( “*settings.ini;*.lng;*.gif”) – feel free to use this form if you prefer.


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