Line Up With Command Line

DropIt doesn’t have extensions but you can add extra functionality using the “Open with” action coupled with command line options. Let’s see a practical example of  converting images in no time using DropIt and IrfanView!


You certainly know the world’s perhaps most popular image viewer – if not, visit its homepage to get more familiar with it. What makes Irfanview more interesting to us that it supports a lot of command line options.

The Command Line

IrfanView comes with an “i_options.txt” file, in which all supported command line options are listed. For conversion it specifies the following syntax:

i_view32.exe c:test.bmp /convert=c:giftest.gif

And the explanation:

Convert file: ‘c:test.bmp’ to ‘c:giftest.gif’ without GUI

We will need to modify it a bit to make it DropIt-compatible.

The DropIt Part

First create a new profile, and name it “Convert2PNG” (or whatever you want).

Second, create an Association with the following settings:

  • Name: Images
  • Rules: *.psd;*.jpg;*.gif
  • Action: Open With

Browse for “i_view32.exe”, then add a space after the filename, and add these command line options:

“%File% /convert=C:MyImages%FileName%.png”

The “Destination Program” field should read this:

“C:Program FilesIrfanViewi_view32.exe” “%File% /convert=C:MyImages%FileName%.png”

Modify IrfanView path and the output directory (“C:MyImages”) to your needs. %File% and %FileName are DropIt’s own variables: the full file path and the file name without extension.

The Bottom Line

If all went well, you are now able to convert psd, jpg and gif files easily by dragging them on DropIt.

You can do other useful things using DropIt and IrfanView, for example resizing images, creating a slideshow, rotating images, etc. Create profiles for your most common tasks and save time and hassle!

Final Thoughts

As of version 3.7, DropIt doesn’t allow using the “$” character in the “Destination Program” field, which makes it impossible to use IrfanView’s built-in variables.

For a comprehensive set of image types, use this as the rule:


Add timestamp to the filename to avoid overwrite (%FileName%_%CurrentTime%.png”). Alternatively, you can add the timestamp to the directory name instead to keep original filenames.

Instead of specifying absolute path to the destination directory, you can get use of the %ParentDir% DropIt variable. With this, converted images will be in a subdirectory called “Convert2PNG”:

“C:Program FilesIrfanViewi_view32.exe” “%File% /convert=%ParentDir%Convert2PNG%FileName%.png”

Assign a meaningful image to your profile. For example, you can find nice ones here or here. Copy the png image to the “Images” folder of DropIt and set that one as the profile image. This way you’ll instantly know which profile is active.

Please share your experiments with DropIt and other command line (enabled) tools here.


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