How to Sort Files into Folders

This tutorial can help you to learn how to sort your files into folders with a simple drag&drop on DropIt. For example you will be able to organize your photos into dated folders, to organize your documents by file type, to separate your media by tags and much more.

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How to Create your First Association

This very simple tutorial will show you how to create your first association with DropIt. Once started DropIt, it will be visible as a target image on your screen. It is the main interface:

  • you can drag&drop files on it to process them
  • you can hold left-click it to move the target image
  • you can right-click it to show the main menu

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How to Start with DropIt

Start using DropIt is very simple:

run it and drag&drop one or more files/folders on the target image to start sorting operations on them.

If a dropped item does not match with defined associations, DropIt allows you to create a new association (1), defining rules to filter files (2), an action to use on them (3) and a related destination (4). In future all files that match with this association will be processed with its action.

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Remove EXIF Data From Images

Images may contain extra textual information such as date taken, camera model, shutter speed, and even geolocation. These can be beneficial in most cases but if you want to get rid of them then you will learn that it is not that easy. Fortunately IrfanView can do this with a little command-line  so DropIt can be  used  to remove EXIF  in batch. Continue reading