How to Start with DropIt

Start using DropIt is very simple:

run it and drag&drop one or more files/folders on the target image to start sorting operations on them.

If a dropped item does not match with defined associations, DropIt allows you to create a new association (1), defining rules to filter files (2), an action to use on them (3) and a related destination (4). In future all files that match with this association will be processed with its action.

Currently you can use one of the 14 supported actions for each association: Move, Copy, Compress, Extract, Rename, Delete, Upload, Open With, Create List, Create Playlist, Create Shortcut, Copy to Clipboard, Change Properties, Ignore.

DropIt allows to group associations in different profiles, to separate for example a set of associations for your office computer from a set for your home. You can easily switch between profiles with the mouse scroll wheel, or manually from Profiles in the main context menu.

DropIt supports other ways to process files and folders: you can define some Monitored Folders in Options to periodically check them and process their content; you can drop items directly on the “DropIt.exe” file; you can activate SendTo integration from Options; you can send files using Command-Line.


15 thoughts on “How to Start with DropIt

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  2. I’m not really sure what DropIt exactly is, but I believe it’s a hazel clone. However, these tutorials and stuff I managed to find out do not help me.

    What I want to do:

    1. Automatically clean up my downloads folder, so that it deletes files that have been sitting there (unopened) for the past 30 days. I thought it would be a simple matter of adding a rule. However, it keeps bugging me with “could not find a rule for example.exm, add a rule?”, every time it scans the folder.

    2. Automatically categorize various file types into various folders, so that, it send pictures from the Downloads folder to the Pictures folder and likewise for Videos and Music.

    3. Automatically clean out Recycle Bin, i.e. delete files that have been in Recycle Bin for more than 60 days and automatically delete files when Recycle Bin is almost full (say 90%).

    I think these things it can do even now.

    Some other things that I’d wish to do (but I’m not sure if such a feature is present or in wishlist):

    1. Automatically queue my downloaded music to my preferred music player.

    2. Renames music/videos according to my preferred naming convention.

    3. Download album art / information for music and subtitles for Videos.

    Of course, these ideas may not be feasible (at present or later)

    • Hi thanks for your quick reply. I read documentation and i must say i’m a bit confused on initial set up. Would you please take me through first initial step to completing my first example on PDF setup. I’m sure there after i will be able to mirror those steps for other extensions. Thanks you in advance 🙂

      • Well, I don’t know your needs with PDF files and I cannot understand what is the “initial step” that confuses you. You could start dropping a pdf file on DropIt. A message will ask you to create a new association. Click Yes and fill the fields: “My PDF” as Name, “*.pdf” as Rules, “Move” as Action and select a folder as Destination. Now you can drag&drop a folder that contains other pdf files and DropIt automatically move them in the Destination previously defined. If the folder contains other formats (like jpg), the usual message will ask you to create a new association. And go on.

  3. Hi Green, DropIt is only partially similar to hazel. You can find more info about it reading the included Guide.pdf and I planned to create some more tutorials in the next weeks.

    About your requests I suggest you to contact me here for more specific info:

    Anyway these are some general notes to let you know what is supported:
    1. you can do it creating an association that filter files by date and an option allow you to ignore unassociated files
    2. you can easily do it with few associations, for example to move .jpg .gif .png into Pictures folder
    3. currently it is not possible, I’ll study it for the future
    And about your extra requests:
    1. it could be possible if your player can receives files by command line to its queue (in this case you can use Open With action)
    2. file renaming is supported and DropIt includes several abbreviations, that are environment variables as music tags or file properties, so I don’t know what are your specific needs but it may be possible
    3. it is not possible, but I’ll keep it in mind

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  5. Earlier versions of Dropit allowed me to create many tedious associations using spreadsheet software. I am having difficulty with the new .ini file format. Any advice?

  6. I try to run Dropit on windows8 and when i click on the application it doesnt work

    Simply does nothing, i have drop it in another pc with Win7 and works perfectly, could it be an issue with the OS?

    If not can you explain me how to fix this?

    I love this software and it would be a shame if i wont be able to use it on my main pc

    • You are not the first one that reported me this issue. Currently I use a win7 system, so I’m not able to make tests, but it seems to be the problem.

  7. I’m just a bit confused. I want to use this to organize files i have already all over my c drive. ( its a mess) How do i create rules for lets say .pdf ? 1. ask for a name? 2. i think i choose .pdf i chose the move for action then i chose destination folder which is PDF FOLDER . Now do i have to manually drag every pdf file into Dropit? if so then why wouldn’t i just drag into folder straight? Want to do this with .Jpg etc.. Please help

    • I recommend you to read the other tutorials, in particular: “How to create your first association”, “How to automatically scan folders” and “How to organize lots of files”. You will find also more info into the PDF Guide included in DropIt. You will read that you can for example create an association for pdf files, one for jpg files and then drag&drop a folder to process all included files.

    • The good news is you will not have to manually drag everything. Start with simple stuff, like monitoring your desktop,download, and document folders. Then you will have an pretty good idea about how to clean up scattered files.

  8. The good news is you will not have to manually drag everything. Start with simple stuff, like monitoring your desktop,download, and document folders. Then you will have an pretty good idea about how to clean up scattered files.

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