How to Back Up Files

This is a simple tutorial that explain how to back up files with DropIt. It is not a dedicated backup software, but its flexibility allows to use some features as a backup tool.

The two DropIt actions that can be used to back up files and folders are “Copy” and “Compress”. Now will be described a couple of examples about backup uses.


Create a structured copy of some files:

You can use DropIt to copy only some files from a folder and paste them in a new folder, restoring the original structure of subfolders. In this way you can for example extract from a folder with several subfolders only images, without lose their folder structure.

You can also use “Additional Filters” to copy only files with defined size or date. Read this tutorial for more info about it.


Create backups of your files:

You can use DropIt to create compressed backups of your files simply using associations with “Compress” action. This action allows to define the destination archive, so you can choose: a destination folder, a destination file name and a destination archive format (zip, 7z, self-extracting exe). To configure it as a backup tool, you can also use abbreviations to add for example the current date to archive names.

Finally you can use “Folder Monitoring” features from Options to automatically scan folders and back up desired files. Read this tutorial for more info about it.



8 thoughts on “How to Back Up Files

  1. Hi, I found DropIt via Google and it is exactly what I am looking for! One question though. I have a bunch of files stored inside folders with a tree form of hierarchy. I now want to move them all into a single folder but also leaving shortcuts behind in the folder where the files were originally in. How can I do that? Thanks!

    • Currently it is not possible in a single operation, you could move them with an action and then create the shortcuts with another action reprocessing your files. In future the plan is to support multiple actions on files, to allow operations like this.

  2. Hello,

    Is there a way to maintain the folder structure when compressing a folder? It’s not obvious to me how to do that. Thanks!

    • To compress folders and all their content you need to enable associations for folders in Options >> Sorting. It will allow you to create associations for folders and to consider them as items to be processed. I suggest you to read the pdf Guide for more info.

  3. Creating automated multible Back-up AND deletion of old copies

    Q1: deleting copies
    This is a great tool, but I have only figured out half of my personal automated back up system. I can create a watched folder and an Association that makes copies with the date on my Dropbox, thats great. However, the perfect system has copies for some days (as it would not make sence if mistakes are copied right away) that I can check again (like the enoying syn option in windows). So I tried to make another Association that deletes folders on my Dropbox that are older than some days. But unfurtunately its not working. Why?? I end up with endless copies of my foldersn only. I red the manueal, could not find anything on the web; I tried to have the Dropbox folder watched also (then you will be ask which task to perform, which does not help), but you should not have to do that, right?

    Q2: multible copies
    One copy on a cloud based service is fine, however, another copy on my external hard drive(s) would be perfect. Is there a way to set it up so that an copy is done if I connect the hard drive to my pc?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help
    Jörg (have to go and delete some old copies now)

    • Hi, about Q1 could you describe me how it doesn’t work? How your association is configured?
      Instead about Q2, currently it is not possible.

  4. Hello,
    Is it possible to copy the folders structure while excluding the copy of both pictures and video extension ?

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