How to Organize Lots of Files

This is a short tutorial that suggests a way to organize a very large amount of files with DropIt (like files on a old hard disk).

The simple idea is to separate this procedure into two steps, doing a first pre-sorting operation to make a macro selection by format.

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How to Back Up Files

This is a simple tutorial that explain how to back up files with DropIt. It is not a dedicated backup software, but its flexibility allows to use some features as a backup tool.

The two DropIt actions that can be used to back up files and folders are “Copy” and “Compress”. Now will be described a couple of examples about backup uses.

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How to Delete Old Files

This is a simple tutorial that explain how to delete old files with DropIt. You can use one of the 3 supported methods to delete files:

  1. Directly Remove: files are not available in the Recycled Bin, but data are not overwritten and could be restored using a recovery tool
  2. Safely Erase: files are removed and data overwritten, to make them unrecoverable also by recovery tools
  3. Send to Recycle Bin: files are sent to recycle bin and are still available from there

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How to Start with DropIt

Start using DropIt is very simple:

run it and drag&drop one or more files/folders on the target image to start sorting operations on them.

If a dropped item does not match with defined associations, DropIt allows you to create a new association (1), defining rules to filter files (2), an action to use on them (3) and a related destination (4). In future all files that match with this association will be processed with its action.

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